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Some of our most inspired projects have been done with design support from Ramsay and his team.   Ramsay has a keen eye for design and is sensitive to the natural and built environment.  We've found his firm to be highly professional and exceptional at resolving architectural challenges and supporting the construction team.  His designs have an integrity and timeless quality to them that don't grow stale even as design trends shift.
Dunbar Oehmig, Red House Building

I have been working with Ramsay Gourd Architects for over nine years.  We have worked on residential, commercial and restaurant projects together ranging in cost from $25k  to $3 million.  Ramsay Gourd Architects has always demonstrated exceptional vision, attention to details, quick decision-making, open-mindedness, and detailed drawings and specifications.  These attributes make RGA projects exciting and a pleasure to build.  Ramsay and his staff are incredible to work with.
Michael Wraga, Equinox Custom Builders


Ramsay Gourd is an architecture virtuoso. That's why we hired him for 3 separate multi-million $ projects over the past 15 years.

In 2001 Ramsay designed an extraordinary primary residence for us in Vermont. In 2006 before purchase of a 2nd home in Massachusetts, we turned to him to ensure its major remodeling was feasible and then to develop the plans to do just that. After we moved to Southern California in 2011 and decided to build again, we interviewed local architects and then hired Ramsay for our new home even though he was 3,000 miles away.

Having worked with several architects on other projects before meeting Ramsay, I can attest that he has all the typical skills. What sets him apart, though, is 1.) his preternatural ability to envision creative and beautiful architectural solutions for daunting problems, and 2.) his attention for detail to fashion holistic designs with integrity and quality.
- Client

After firing another architect before we even got started on the project as no progress had been made for months, Ramsay stepped in and saved the day. He is so creative yet adheres to the traditional guidelines of architecture (academics) and proportion. We reviewed many of his projects which showcased his ability to create many different design styles and were ready to start. Ramsay listens carefully yet expresses an educated opinion, is highly adept at incorporating your ideas into his plans, is very responsive and timely, is very detailed and organized and, always with a smile on his face, is so much fun to work with. I looked forward to each and every meeting as he always moved the project forward, but thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Ramsay designed an amazing house for us and, with plans in hand, we will be ready to build at any time. We have worked with a number of architects over the years, and Ramsay is one of the most talented. We would love to have the opportunity to work with him again on another project and would highly recommend him without any reservations.
- Client

My experience with Ramsay Gourd and his team was with my home renovation. Ramsay designed a beautiful dormer in a finished attic space and also an attached garage. His designs were beautiful and fit in very well with the architecture of the existing buildings. However, what was invaluable is that Ramsay is so respected in our town, where the zoning rules are very strict. The permitting process went very smoothly and our project was supported in our community. The entire process was stress free.
Karen Walla - Client

Ramsay designs beautiful homes. He is creative and has a unique and individualized vision for every home he designs. He is also very good at maximizing space. We have hired Ramsay to help us renovate two very different homes - one a traditional New England colonial in Boston, MA and another Vermont style farm house. We needed both homes to function well for a big family but wanted to make sure that we maintained the original feel and look of both houses and we think that Ramsay accomplished these goals. For the first home, we added a large family room, mudroom and master bath and then also rearranged the upstairs to accommodate a linen closet and larger bathrooms for our children. For the second home, we redesigned the mudroom/laundry room, finished the basement, remodeled bathrooms and bedrooms and then added on a large pantry and incredibly cool screened in porch.

Ramsay is easy to work with - he is timely, available when needed and communicates effectively and efficiently with both the homeowner and contractor. We cannot say enough good things about our experiences with Ramsay Gourd Architects.
- Client

Ramsay Gourd is a gifted and creative architect. He is an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to visualize what others can't. He is mindful of providing the best value for budget.
- Client



Ramsay was excellent in all respects. Very thoughtful about design, especially period design, and very fast with the execution of plans and excellent follow through. Ramsay is a delight to work with.
- Client

Barn Living Room

We have had the opportunity to work with Ramsay and his team on multiple projects and look forward to more. They have exceptional depth in design and building knowledge and fantastic personal skills interacting with the builder and client team. They meet deadlines on deliverables and have a very clearly structured offering of services and fees. Ramsay and his team bring the full package of services in an efficient and cost effective manner. As the builder we appreciate his genuine interest engaging us through all phases of design development.
Red House Building


While I can't speak to Ramsay's obvious qualities as an architect, I can speak to his creative abilities more generally. We are a family of dog lovers and, when we remodeled a cottage on Martha's Vineyard, used his "Labrador" wallpaper in a newly created powder room. It makes a great statement in a small space and has been the source of many gracious compliments. Thanks Ramsay!
- Client

Ramsay is a consummate professional with unerring taste. He is thoughtful and reflective and guides the process with a gentle yet firm hand. I loved working with him and his great staff. Our project went smoothly from design inception through the build and final punch list items. There were no unexpected surprises and many trades said it was one of the best designed and built houses they have ever worked on. Could not endorse Ramsay and his firm with any more enthusiasm!!
Daphne Markcrow - Client

We have been working with Ramsay Gourd Architects on projects since 1999.   Ramsay and his team have always delivered a very well designed and aesthetically pleasing set of drawings to our customers in a timely manner.   I am always amazed at how RGA comes up with so many diverse drawings and ideas.   I should emphasize on the "timely manner" statement above as we (builders) frequently hear horror stories of jobs being delayed for weeks or even months due to the lack of drawings or decisions being made, which in the end costs the customers more money and frustration. On a personal side, Ramsay makes our customers very comfortable throughout the building process and helps make our work more interesting and fun for the homeowner and the builder.

I would and always do recommend RGA to any of our potential customers.
Robert Goepel, Goepel Construction

Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Ramsay Gourd on many projects in the last several years.   Describing Mr. Gourd in just a phrase, I must say consummate professional.   We work with many design firms and his style and work always set RGA apart… he is detailed, concise, always prompt and communicative.

I am particularly fond of RGA projects because they traverse a spectrum from timeless and classic to fun and whimsical.   We never see ‘cookie cutter’ projects from Ramsay; in fact, many are custom and challenging.   The results are stunning EVERY time. I absolutely recommend RGA to our clients and friends!
Kimberly Shaw, Vice President at BESPOKE

Mountain Top Inn

Ramsay Gourd designed our home in Manchester Vermont from conception to completion. We subsequently had Ramsay return and design a significant addition.
Total project(s) cost: +$1mm, 2001

We moved to Burlington Vermont and purchased a 50 year-old home and asked Ramsay to bring it up-to-date.
Project cost: +$400k, 2008

We recently purchased a 50 year-old camp in Grand Isle and hired Ramsay to draw plans for a complete renovation, from foundation to standing seam roof and everything in-between.
Project cost: +300k, 2013

Obviously, we are very happy working with Ramsay Gourd. We have found him to be accurate in figuring out our wants and needs and precise and creative in fulfilling them. He is an absolute delight to work with; humorous, engaging, imaginative, knowlegable of what's current in the industry, respectful of budgets and facile at interacting with the contractors doing the work, with whom he visited on a regular and frequent basis.
- Client

Ramsay is a consummate professional - he is a pleasure to work with. We collaborated with Ramsay on some customized table lamps that he designed. He was practical, respectful of our time, willing to listen, thorough in his research and knowledgable regarding design and manufacture challenges- we would be thrilled to work with him again.
Ramsay is invested in his work beyond what is simply required- he is motivated by passion and personal integrity which makes for challenging collaborations and beautiful results.
Respectfully submitted
Michael Krauss/ Maria Peragine
Owners -Authentic Designs inc.colleague

It has been our pleasure to work with Ramsay Gourd Architects on a variety of projects including renovations and new build construction for hospitality properties. Ramsay is very easy to communicate with and always open to discussion and reviewing of different options and perspectives. We have always felt like together we achieved the best creative solutions for each project. Working within budgets and meeting deadlines has never been a concern. Whether architecture or interior design, Ramsay Gourd has demonstrated amazing artistic talent.
- Client


I've worked with Ramsey, as a drapery workroom, on several projects. Each home that he designed or was renovating was spectacular! His use of organic elements, creative use of space, attention to decorative woodwork details is unmatched! He is a real professional with excellent taste and positive energy.
Wendy Galbraith, Custom Draperies


Ramsay was excellent in all respects. Very thoughtful about design, especially period design, and very fast with the execution of plans and excellent follow through. Ramsay is a delight to work with.
- Client